paypal friends and family refund


paypal friends and family refund

PayPal friends and family transactions are supposed to be a fast, easy way to send money. But this isn’t always the case. Many of us have been caught out by charging back transactions, which can cause horrendous problems for your PayPal account and leave you out of pocket. In addition, if you are a seller, it can mean lost business. In this article, we’ll look at what to do if this system has caught you.

What Is PayPal Friends and Family?

The service is called friends and family because it’s designed for small transfers between people who know each other well. It’s not intended to send large sums of money internationally or to strangers.

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how to get money back from paypal friends and family

PayPal Friends and Family payments are a convenient way to send money to friends and family members.

However, suppose you accidentally sent too much or have a dispute. In that case, PayPal does not offer refunds for these payments.

If the person you sent money to pays you back, you might be able to get your money back from them, but this is not guaranteed.

If you sent the payment as a gift and want it back, contact the recipient directly and ask them if they can return your money.

If they don’t respond or refuse to give you the money back, there’s nothing more you can do about it.

The PayPal Friends and Family scam is common when someone tries to use PayPal as an alternative to Western Union.

In this scam, someone will ask you for money via PayPal but tell you not to use the regular “send money” feature. Instead, they ask you to do a “friends and family” transaction. The person will tell you that this is easier than using their bank account or credit card because it doesn’t require any personal information from them.

However, it’s much easier for scammers to keep your money when using this method because buyers have no protection.

paypal friends and family refund

How to Spot a PayPal Friends and Family Scam

If you receive a request for a “friends and family” transaction, check to see if it’s from someone you know. Be wary of the transaction if it’s from someone you’ve never met or received an email from. The scammer may have stolen an account or obtained personal information from someone else and is using that information to impersonate someone who knows you well.

Look at the email address in the email’s subject line — does it seem familiar? Does it match up with what you know about that person?

You may find their real name by hovering over their Facebook or other social media profile photos.

If nothing matches up, contact them through another platform like text or phone call to confirm that they sent this email before proceeding with any payment transactions.

If you believe this could be a legitimate request but need more time to verify it, respond saying that you’d like more.

How to Report a PayPal Friends and Family Scam

If you’ve been scammed by someone using PayPal Friends and Family, you can report PayPal about it.

To report a PayPal Friends and Family scam:

Family and Friends PayPal refund PayPal’s Resolution Center

  1. Start PayPal.
  2. Resolution Center.
  3. Click Problem Report.
  4. Choose a refund transaction.
  5. Report a transaction error by clicking the pop-up.
  6. Continue.

How to Use Chat to Ask for a PayPal Refund for Friends and Family

PayPal offers an easy way to get in touch with them via chat if you need to request a refund for friends and family members.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. PayPal login
  2. Messenger
  3. Start chat
  4. Fraud:
  5. Instructions follow

 When will your Friends and Family PayPal Refund be on your account?

Depending on how you paid, PayPal refunds can take up to 30 days to process.

If you purchased with a credit or debit card, you might have your refund within minutes.

If you paid with a PayPal account balance, it might take up to 30 days for the credits to appear in your account. If you paid with a bank transfer or eCheck, there’s a longer processing time.

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Can paypal friends and family be reversed?

Unfortunately, the Purchase Protection programme does not cover payments made through PayPal Friends and Family. 

This means you can’t ask for a refund, start a dispute, or move up to a claim. 

It’s quite different from other payment methods when settling disputes. For example, you won’t be able to argue with your buyer and get your money back if something goes wrong. 

Instead, you’ll have to wait until PayPal considers it resolved (and the buyer receives their item).

scammed paypal family and friends

Did you know that PayPal offers protection for transactions made via the “Friends and Family” payment option?

If you’ve been scammed through this method, there’s good news:

you may be entitled to a complete refund!

According to the Terms of Service of PayPal, account holders have up to one hundred eighty days after the potentially fraudulent transaction to reporting it to the company. So even if the transfer was made between friends and family, this action might offer you grounds for a refund.

How to Cancel a PayPal Gift Payment

You may cancel a PayPal gift payment if the recipient hasn’t redeemed it. To cancel a PayPal gift payment, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Activity” at the top of your PayPal screen.
  2. To cancel a payment, scroll down.
  3. “Cancel”
  4. Confirm by clicking “Cancel Payment.”

Final Words

When friends or family use the Friends and Family payment option to send you money, it’s not covered by Purchase Protection. 

So you can’t seek a refund, dispute, or claim.

Have you ever been scammed through friends and family payments?

Please drop your feedback below.



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