If You Get Scammed Does PayPal Refund Money?


If You Get Scammed Does PayPal Refund Money?

It has a response to it now >> You’ve revealed a scam, and it seems that PayPal isn’t so helpful. 

How can you get a refund for your money? Are you stuck re-buying the item? Not to worry, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to get this much-needed refund.

How do you get PayPal to give you a refund?

Well, it’s not as simple as you might think, but this article will show you how to do it.

If you’re a Paypal user, here is everything you need to know about the company’s refund policy.

Then, whether you’re buying or selling with Paypal, we’ll discuss how it can benefit you.

Scammers nowadays are much smarter and faster than they were in the past. Like most of us, you might be wondering if PayPal gives you back your money if you get scammed. The short answer is:

 It depends!

What should you do if PayPal scammed you?

First, you must understand that PayPal does not work like a normal refund system. They’re an online payment service and, as such, have rules that aren’t exactly like returning something at the store. However, if you’ve been scammed, there are ways to get your money back.


does paypal refund money if scammed

If you’ve been scammed on PayPal, you have a few options for getting a refund.

First, you should try to contact the seller who scammed you.

This can be done by visiting your PayPal account and viewing their information. 

Then look for their email address and send them an email asking for your money back.

If this doesn’t work, it’s time to go straight to PayPal! 

If you’re unable to get a hold of your seller because they blocked their email address or phone number, then go through the same process as above but instead of contacting them directly, contact PayPal directly via email or phone call (or both!).

 They will help resolve any issues with getting your money back from a fraudulent seller!

 If a PayPal user has scammed you, you can get a refund for the amount of your loss.

Here’s how:

  1. -Go to PayPal’s website and log in with your username and password.
  2. -Click on “My Account” at the top of the screen, then click on “History.”
  3. -Click on “Resolution Center” and select “Dispute” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “The seller didn’t deliver the goods or services they promised,” then click “Start Dispute.” This will trigger an automatic dispute process where PayPal will investigate your claim.

What fraud steps should we report to PayPal?

  • Unauthorized activity on your PayPal account:

If you suspect someone hacked your PayPal account or your password was hacked, reset it immediately.

  • Unauthorized transactions on your PayPal Debit Mastercard®
  • Fake PayPal emails or spoof websites

Most online fraud comes from fake PayPal emails or websites that look real.

These appear to come from PayPal and ask you to click on a link or download an attachment.

These links and attachments often contain malware, infecting your computer and exposing your personal information to cybercriminals.

If you aren’t sure if an email is real, you should never click on a link in it.

You get an email that looks like it came from PayPal or another financial institution but isn’t sent directly to you.

In that case, it’s probably a scammer trying to steal your personal information by pretending they’re someone else.

  • Unreceived items or a possible scam

Before making any payments, we urge that you launch an inquiry if you have not received your item or think that an item is fake. 

For example, suppose a seller has made multiple claims for non-receipt but has not provided evidence of delivery and tracking info. In that case, this could indicate potential fraud on behalf of the seller.

how to report a fraud on paypal

If you believe someone has stolen your money, you can report it to PayPal.

  1. Solution Center.
  2. Click Problems?
  3. Choose the disputed transaction.
  4. Continue.
  5. Select I didn’t get an item I ordered, the item I got was considerably not as described, or I wish to report unlawful conduct.
  6. Continue.
  7. File your dispute as instructed.

how to get money back from apple pay if scammed

If scammed, report it to Apple Pay. The corporation will review your case and determine whether to cancel the transaction. You’ll receive your money returned if accepted.

  • 1. Report an issue on Apple Pay’s website.
  • 2. Click “Incorrect Merchant Info” and then touch “Merchant Name, Merchant Category, or Other Issue.”

With this feature, you can assure no one gets duped.

Learn More: does paypal refund money if scammed 

And if you’re still not happy at the end of that process?

If your seller has attempted a refund and failed, register a PayPal or eBay dispute. If you have a PayPal or eBay problem, contact them (Whichever website you had the dispute open on)

paypal refund pending 

What does it mean when Paypal says your refund request is pending? It means that the refund is not processed yet. This can cause some confusion and frustration if you’re still waiting on the money, so we’ve taken a look at the possible reasons why this is happening and how to speed up your refund approval process.

  1. Why Does it Say Pending on My PayPal Refund?
  2. Why is My Refund Pending So Long?
  3. How long will PayPal hold your funds? 
  4.  Why is my PayPal refund pending for a week?
  5. Can You Cancel a Pending Refund?
  6. What Happens When You Cancel Your Return? 
  7. What happens if I refund a pending payment on PayPal?

learn more and find out the answers to these questions 

Still curious? 

Click here to find out what is the

 Paypal refund pending.

Final Words

If you’re scammed on PayPal, you have options. Unfortunately, you can’t expect your seller to leave feedback for you, and you may never be able to recover your money. However, you can contact the seller or PayPal’s support team. Your best bet is to seek help from someone with knowledge of the policies or find a sympathetic ear.



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