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The Ftc Says Crypto Scams Have Cost People More Than $1 Billion Since 2021.
Don’t Allow Scammers To Take Your Hard-Earned Bitcoins!



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It's incredible. I Feel Safe Online, And I Know How To Keep My Bitcoins Safe From Being Stolen.

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Detect, Protect, and Respond to Scams

Save yourself and your money with some helpful tips and tricks. Our security Guidelines will arm you with a variety of strategies. Ensure your account remains safe and secure with our help.

You, Will, Learn How To

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to stay safe in A Complete Guide to Crypto Security in 2022.

Play Video about Protect Your Information When You Use Public Wi-Fi

Protect Your Information When You Use Public Wi-Fi

Play Video about Phishing Scam Detection Methods

Phishing Scam Detection Methods

Clean your Phone from Virus
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Clean Your Phone And Labtop From Virus

Bitcoin Scam Recovery Solutions
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How to spot a fake Cryptocurrency Exchange

Customer Reviews

This Ebook Was Quite Beneficial To Me. And It Helped Me Avoid Getting Scammed By A Lot Of Online Scammers. I Highly Recommend It! Once Upon A Time, I Was A Victim Of Fraud. They Stole My Money. Then I Found You Guys. You Were Able To Help Me Regain All The Coins That Hackers Stole From Me. You Are Very Trustworthy .
Matthew L. Erickson
I Am Very Happy With This Product Because I Learned A Lot Of Things That I Did Not Know Before. For Example, I Learned How To Block Malicious Websites And Annoying Ads. That's Something That I Always Wanted To Do. I Really Recommend The Product.
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Roberto Guerra
This Ebook Will Explain How To Avoid Falling Prey To Scammers While Trading Cryptocurrencies. When I Buying Or Selling Cryptocurrencies, I Can Never Be Sure If It's A Scam Or Not. So It's Essential To Conduct Your Studies And Recognize Scams Before You Are Scammed
Stacy Toliver

we’re here to all your questions

We have compiled all our experience and knowledge into one tight book. The ebook answers hundreds of your questions and helps you identify possible scams.

Fake crypto exchanges operate in much the same way as legitimate ones. They offer customers a place where they can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but these sites have been created by scammers who want to steal your money! This Ebook helps you identify red flags and spot fake crypto exchanges.

Change your passwords immediately, just in case. While you’re about it, make strong, unique passwords for each account. Then, immediately delete or report the email; never view any links or attachments, and never make any payments. Take screenshots as proof if you decide to report the email to the authorities.

So what happens if you do lose your Bitcoin Wallet? All hope is not lost as there are ways you can retrieve your Bitcoins. Our step-by-step guide will help to answer this question and explain everything that could happen

If you paid by direct debit or bank transfer,
Tell your bank immediately what happened and ask if you can get your money back. For example, if you send money to someone through a scam, most banks should give you your money back.


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